Company Profile

Shehkai Precision Co., Ltd was founded in 1992. We are the largest manufacturer of bi metal screws, screw anchors and Screw Manufacturer in Taiwan. As the leading enterprise in the bi metal fastener industry, we are your best strategic alliance partner as we provide the best quality, as well as the most added value.
Our manufacturing technique is unique and exclusively owned by Shehkai. We areISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 (CNS 14001:2016) certified.Our research and development team and commitment management strive for continuous innovation and improvement to better proved quality, and added value.

Our fasteners are essential for building high-level corrosion resistance constructions. In addition to our excellent research and development, we are also keen to be green to the environment. Love the Earth, treasure life and cherish our society, we strive to continually contribute to our community. We care about our customers, employees and investors, and look after their interests and well-being to the best we can. We operate in good consciences and we believe in long term management.