Environment Policy

Shekai Precision Co. Ltd.,was founded in 1984,and is located in Kaohsiung County,in the Ben Chou industrial area,main production in bimetal screws.Shekai Precision shares the global concern in environmental protection of mankind. It is an important issue in the production process. Out of the waste, scrap,etc.,we are willing to adhere to clean production,capital and goods prudence,resource recovery and pollution control concept. With the use of engineering improvements,education,training,propaganda, meetings,persuasion and other means,so that all employees understand the importance of environmental protection and to implement a view to achieve the goal of business continuity through environmental management systems,the company promises to do the following:

Pollution prevention
Identify parts during the processes in which the pollution will be generated. By production scheduling,improvement in engineering technology,clean production,we will make sure to reduce and prevent pollution of the environment.
Full compliance with regulatory requirements
The company will be in full compliance with government protocols and regulations. The company agrees to comply with others associated in the matters and follow environmental protection requirements. The operation will follow standard procedures useful in waste reduction and pollution prevention.
Committed to continuous improvement

Use processing equipment to improve,strengthen the ability to check,use P-D-C-A to improve over and over,and to reach the goal of sustainable management.