ETA Certified

In accordance with Construction Products Regulation (CPR), a manufacturer is responsible to provide a declaration of performance for a construction product covered by a European Technical Assessment (ETA) which is issued to the CE mark.

ETA for anchors is on the basis of the European Technical Approval Guideline (ETAG 001) for Metal Anchors for Use In Concrete published by European Organisation for Technical Assessment (EOTA). The attestation of conformity procedure requires initial type testing of the anchor product by an independent body. It also requires factory production control and its supervision by an independent laboratory to affix the CE marking to a product.

Concrete Screw Anchor and Concrete Bolts are used in Anchorage, The framework based on the part 3 in ETAG 0001 for test procedures, assessments and design methods against anchors are tested and assessed.

The provisions made in this European technical approval are based on an assumed working life of the anchor of 50 years. Products not covered by the exact scope of a particular ETAG may be handled via a special procedure by agreement among the Approval Bodies of EOTA.

ETAG 001, Annex C provides a sophisticated design concept in order to gain optimum performance of the anchors and at the same time an economical design. There are various application parameters which are covered by Option of a particular ETA. The performance characteristics are therefore allowed to be provided to customers to follow these criteria of ETA.