ISO Certified

Sheh Kai has a reputation for excellent quality in both Bi-Metal and stainless steel screws. Our Self-drilling and Self-tapping screws are trusted by over 20 countries around the world. In Taiwan,our products are also favored and appointed to be used in one of world largest structures, Taipei 101.
Sheh Kai is continuously developing its technology and improving its products. We have established a new stainless steel wire factory to provide us with only the finest materials of our SS 300 and SS 400 series wires. We also offer our clients efficient and reliable production processes. Our fastener quality is further assured by our ISO 9001 certified processes. We have also been granted the ISO 14001 certification for environmentally friendly production. This guarantees our products are both durable and reliable for construction and friendly to the environment around us. We welcome inquiries from distributors and agents To sources from one of the finest and most dedicated OEM / ODM  manufacturers.