Management Philosophy


Original equipment manufacturing(1992-2007)
‧Construction stainless steel screws
‧ISO 9001
‧Manufacturing facilities and Quality control lab
‧Invest in high quality manufacturing capability

Develop new product, increase market share(2007-2010)
‧Research and manufacturing(bi metal screw, bi metal concrete screw anchor,stainless steel metal sheet applications,aluminum sheet applications,special material stainless steel screw,solar panel applications)
‧ISO14001,TS-16949,special apply manufacturing certified system
‧Product certification,patent arrangement
‧Professional material processing
‧Market development outside Europe
‧Expansion into US,China, Japan,and Asia markets.

Systematic solutions(2010-2015)
‧Supply Chain Management
‧Professional services
‧Extensive product application solutions
‧Special fastener for car and machine
‧Expand marketing channel(China,America,Asia)
‧Strengthen management entity
‧Certified testing lab
‧Advanced manufacturing development