Bi-Metal Concrete Screw Anchors

《Feature & Benefits》

Bi-Metal Screw Anchor

ETA / CE are issued by German DIBT

Saves Time & Easy!
Anti-corrosion up to 50 years!

Threaded screw anchor comes with many distinguishing benefits such as their non-expanding, removable characteristics, among many others. The large diameter screw anchors and their nature to handle high loading jobs makes it natural for them to be used outdoors. Bi-metal screw anchor uses stainless steel in the loading area; combined with carbon steel only for the purpose of threading in the concrete. Depending on the stainless steel used in the loading area, its product life could last up 50 years. 

‧Fast Installation and Immediate Loading Minimizes Downtime
‧Qualifies for Seismic and Wind Loads in Concrete, Will not Slip
‧No Expansion Forces Transferred to the Base Material
‧Applicable Closer to the Edge than Traditional Expansion Anchors
‧Removable if Required
‧Performs Reliably in Cracked and Non-Cracked Concrete

‧Superior Corrosion Resistance

Sheh Kai Precision was Concrete screws manufacturers, Concrete screws are the perfect fastener for speedily anchoring objects to concrete. We show you how to drill and drive them quickly and easily, and how to choose the best one for the job.

You'll find concrete screws at home centers, hardware stores and lumberyards, or you can order them by phone or on-line. Screws are available in several lengths in packages of 8 or 25 and in boxes of 100. The more you buy the cheaper the price. A drill bit is usually included in boxes of 25 or more. It's worth having a couple of screw sizes on hand if you do a lot of projects.

Holes for concrete screws should be at least 1/4 in. deeper than the screw will penetrate to allow a little extra space for dust accumulation from the drilling process. See the illustration above. But it's not always easy to judge how deep you're drilling. Too shallow and the screw won't go in. And drilling deeper than necessary is a waste of time and effort. That's why most hammer drills come equipped with an adjustable depth stop.

Sheh Kai Precision concrete screw can be used in exterior environment through Ruspert 1000 / 500 hours salt spray test coating. The Hi-Lo thread provides smooth power for drilling.

Use our concrete screws and anchors for temporary or permanent applications.

Drill a hole in the base material with a hammer drill and a correctly sized carbide drill bit for the diameter concrete screw you are using. 

ETA Pending
The tolarence of drill bit are according to the ANSI-B212.15