Hex Lag Screws

Material: Carbon Steel/ Stainless Steel

Diameter: M4-M20 (#8 ~3/4”)

Length: 20mm-300mm (1”~12”)

IFI ASME B18.2.1-1981, DIN 571

Strong wooden material fastening

Normally, Lag Screwsarea kind of toughest fasteners. These kind strongest fasteners are always used to the heavy lumber or wooden material connecting or other heavy materials that neededto bearthe extreme load.

Sheh Kai PrecisionFasteners offers a wide range of domestic hex lag screws for a range of fastener needs. When it comes to fasteners with forged heads, the hex head lag screw is the industry standard. We offer hex lag screws that are zinc-plated, hot dipped galvanized in a variety of lag screw sizes to meet your job’s specific construction requirements.

Sheh Kai stainless-steel hex head lag screws are perfect for attaching metal to wood in situations where you are not able to use a nut. These screws are also convenient for situations where you would use a bolt but cannot find one long enough for full penetration of the wood. These screws are extremely durable, high-quality screws and can be easily used by builders of all skill levels.