Bi-Metal Self Drilling Screw

《Feature & Benefits》

Bi-Metal Self-Drilling Screw

Save up to 50% of your time! Anti-corrosion up to 50 years!


Our high quality bi-metal self-drilling screws have a carbon steel drill point welded onto A2/A4 stainless steel shank. This design enables the dual advantages of 1) self-drilling through hard metal sheet up to 12mm and 2) corrosion resistance on the stainless shank 3) drilling, tapping and fastening in one shot. Besides, the induction heat treatment on drilling point, which avoid sensitization of the stainless steel material on the shank.

As Fast As Carbon Steel Screws
As Durable As Stainless Steel Screws
High Quality Stainless Steel (A2/A4) Without Heat Treatment
Provide Better Safety Condition
Zinc/ Ruspert/ Tufcote Coating
Avoid Hugh Cost For Repair